Home Security


With the rising number of cybersecurity attacks and regulations on privacy protecting sensitive data throughout its lifecycle is a top concern for today’s businesses.

Our intelligent security services protect your enterprise, safeguard critical assets, manage potential threats and vulnerabilities with a holistic best-practices and integrated approach.

  • Digital Identity. Protect and govern access to your on-premises and cloud applications and resources with single sign-on, conditional access and multi-factor authentication.
  • Threat and Vulnerability Management. Effectively identify, manage and mitigate vulnerabilities. Discovered vulnerabilities are ranked by severity along with identification of the number of affected resources, to ensure the most critical threats are fixed first.
  • Incident Response and Breach Management. Provide defenses, detection and response to threats, minimizing the impact on your business, including breach-related regulatory fines and financial damage.
  • Data Protection. Protect critical data and understand the use of critical content, all while meeting constantly increasing privacy requirements. Implement a comprehensive and integrated security approach across devices, applications, cloud services and on-premises.
  • Security Monitoring. Collect and analyze information to detect suspicious behavior or unauthorized system changes on your network, define which types of behavior should trigger alerts, and take action in real time.