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Customer intelligence (CI) is broadly defined as an effort to collect and analyze data about customer behaviour. Businesses and organizations use CI resources and methodologies to understand what customers are doing - and why. Customers value from their purchases, and they want their custom be valued. Differentiation and value are keys to keeping customers happy. And understanding customers is the key to figuring out what they value. Customer Intelligence is all about understanding customers; their history, their behaviour and their preferences. The information is already sitting in a million accounting, CRM or ERP systems and will yield a million different insights for the methodical marketer. So Customer Intelligence is becoming the number 1 issue facing marketers over the next decade. Data-centric decision making will become vital as businesses of all sizes search for ways to improve products and services.

Companies rather than being product centric should (and many of them say they do already) focus on achieving profitable customer-centric growth. That goal can be reached utilising three basic principles:

  • Find the most profitable growth opportunities.
  • Take the best marketing action.
  • Maximize cross-business impact.

To do the above companies need first a Data Management solution that will create a common view of customer and prospect data. This will help them understand customer value, sentiment and behaviour and will drive customer profiling and segmentation.

Having that on hand companies can then design marketing activities to deliver multichannel interactions and also optimize interactions and investments. In order this strategy to succeed and maximize its results a culture change is probably mandatory in many enterprises that will need to align their organization around the customers that represent the best opportunities for profitable, long-term growth. That can happen when the insights from the marketing activities are shared across the business units, when the results are properly measured and reported and when the lessons learned are applied in the business practice to deliver a consistent cross-channel experience. It is easily understood that this describes a closed-loop system of continuous improvement.

Analytical View based on SAS’ expertise in CI and the areas of Digital MarketingMarketing Analytics, Multichannel Marketing, Customer Experience Management and Big Data in Marketing offers a broad set of integrated customer intelligence solutions for:

Adaptive Customer Experience to develop more relevant, personalized communications to achieve better marketing performance. Digital Marketing to deliver personalized multichannel digital content to millions of customers. Intelligent Advertising to gather and present data to enable precision forecasting, decision optimization, inventory management and sales performance reporting. Marketing Automation to plan, test and execute campaigns to improve marketing automation, process efficiency and ROI. Marketing Mix Analysis to predict the business value of investments, such as advertising, incentives and the Web. Marketing Optimization to plan, prioritize and optimize communications to maximize profits. Real-Time Decision Management to increase the value of your real-time customer interactions. Social Media Analytics to integrate, analyze and act on online conversations. Marketing Operations to plan, manage and execute enterprise marketing operations efficiently and effectively. Marketing Performance Management to align activities and resources to strategies and goals, link marketing performance to financial measures and establish accountability throughout the marketing department. High-Performance Marketing Optimization to plan, prioritize and optimize communications with a high-performance optimization engine.


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