In developed parts of the world but even in developing countries the subscriber base is already or getting saturated very fast and demands improved services that better also the stiff competition. Thus Communications Service Providers (CSPs) in order to ensure business performance and profits, struggle (sometimes through copying and sometimes through innovation) to improve the customer experience as they face unprecedented demand and competition.

CSPs capture enormous quantities of unique and varied customer data; however, they lack the insight to drive sound decision making. There are call detail records (CDR), applications data, trouble tickets, external data as well as data from sales, marketing and billing. There is customer data, network performance and financial data. However, rarely do CSPs take full advantage of this data. Too much data is not integrated or analyzed sufficiently to be of use to CSPs. 

Challenges CSPs are facing include:

  1. No unified view of the customer. Difficulty accessing and using customer information across internal systems and from third parties makes it hard to see all the relevant factors influencing the customer experience.
  2. Ineffective segmentation/ profiling. Customer segments are infrequently updated, often inaccurate and don’t take into account deep customer insights
  3. Inability to measure costs and profits risking the continuance of unprofitable campaigns and overspending on unprofitable customers, products and services.
  4. Ineffective and inefficient campaigns
  5. Inability to forecast demand, analyze and optimize resources leading to either bad performance that worsens customer experience or overspending in unutilized resources.

Analytical View implements SAS solutions that help CSPs get the most out of their data to improve, all aspects of the customer experience, business performance and profits.

SAS Solutions include:

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