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At a time when information is proliferating at an unprecedented rate, companies that can effectively gather, create and use information can gain dramatic market advantages over those that don’t. As major studies show SMBs that have deployed business intelligence and analytics solutions are 51% more likely than peers to expect revenues to rise and 67% of such companies get a competitive advantage through analytics.

While most small and medium business (SMB) decision-makers understand this at a conceptual level they don’t even think to move beyond spreadsheets to a more innovative analytics-driven approach given budget and lack of experts.

The vast majority of SMBs use spreadsheets and intuition for analysis and decision-making, even as spreadsheet errors proliferate, time is wasted, and trends are missed.

And why not? Spreadsheets are easy to use, inexpensive, and easily available – making them the preferred analytical tool for many. But spreadsheets come with their own challenges. Designed for individual users for simple calculations and projections, they can pose a real risk to the organization when used for complex, collaborative planning and analyses.

The problem is that many companies don’t recognize those transitional moments when they become too big for spreadsheets and other simplistic analytical tools. Result: they get mired in complexity, inconsistency and just overall poor and delayed decision-making. The basic signs that indicate a company is ready for analytics is when they have too much data, when they feel no longer in tune with their customers and when regulatory compliance becomes a resource drain

SMB sector represents in many countries the core business infrastructure and SAS recognizing that brings to the sector its integrated capabilities in data management, analytics and reporting especially designed and priced for it. SAS Solutions for SMB, that Analytical View implements and supports, can work together – or separately – So businesses of this sector can start with what they need today, and add more as they go. No hidden integration costs. No surprises.

Not using the solutions a company needs, because of cost, or because of trying to integrate smaller niche solutions (while the same time IT Dpts in the sector are understaffed, if existing at all) will soon reach to a deadlock. Using SAS solutions for SMBs companies avail the best level in technology regarding data management, analytics, forecasting and reporting, with high usability, through rich visualization tools, prebuilt models, and interactive, point-and-click interfaces and no coding – all of these at a price that fits companies’ budget.

The areas of technology Analytical View offers for the sector cover: Data Management, Analytics & Forecasting, Reporting and Visualization

The dedicated S/W stack from SAS includes:

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