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Brand awareness and management, product allocation on the shelves and in the store, correct pricing, promotion and incentives, aligning supply to demand so neither customer faces out-of-stock signs for something he desires nor the stores face loses because they overstocked non-durable products all these issues who seem to come from the ancient years, since commerce was one of the ways civilizations developed, are probably thought that were already solved (besides we had 5.000-7.000 years time to do so!). Or it is thought that, only gut feeling, intuition or even tradition are enough to keep a shop, a business or a brand afloat or even lead it to grow. Well, although all of these (plus good luck or good synchronization with situations out of our control) are quite important there are tools and solutions (and SAS has more than 30 years experience on these) that put things in order and help retail companies find new and better ways to do business.

Analytical View, always leveraging SAS industry-specific Solutions -retail sector included-, can help its customers ensure that the right products are in the right stores and at the right time to meet customer demand, through understanding of customer needs and identification of trends, gaps and opportunities. SAS solutions for the sector can help optimal and automated allocations processes and take these allocations further into the supply chain, through integration with SAS pack optimization.

Today, customers want greater value, have greater knowledge and are seeking unique merchandise, unique services, relevant communications and an authentic relationship. Mass marketing is ignored, and retailers who have managed to create short of ‘personal relations’ with customers are rewarded with loyalty. But since the volume and variety of customer information about their behaviour and habits continue to increase, deeper customer insight becomes vital for the development of winning retail brands and strategy execution. Technology by SAS and services by Analytical View can provide solutions that help merchants gain a unified view of customers across brands and merchandise, predict customer behaviour by using analytics, identify cross-sell/up-sell prospects using detailed segmentation, connect offers to the right customer segments, based on demographic, geographic, attitudinal and behavioural etc and SAS can help even more with SAS Adaptive Customer Experience.

Areas of Analytical View’s intervention in the sector include also:

Sector-Specific SAS Solutions include:

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SAS Adaptive Customer Experience

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