Data Management and Business Analytics

Data Management

Either someone uses the ‘trendy’ term of Big Data or not, reality is unavoidable. Data, either structured transaction-based, or unstructured from social media or even the uncountable machine-based, like those RFID systems generate, data do grow and will continue to, exponentially.

Big data affords us the opportunity to dig deeper and deeper into the data, peeling back layers to reveal richer insights. The insights we gain from our initial analysis can be explored further, with richer, deeper insights emerging each time. This level of insight can help us develop specific strategies and actions to e.g. cost reductions, time reductions, new product development and optimized offerings, and generally smarter business decision making that drives growth and reduces risks.

But even an enterprise or organization is not yet in the 'Bid' but in the 'on-site application' one, where data are stored across a number of heterogeneous data sources, still in many cases, the value of this enterprise is essentially the value of its data.

So data are extremely important, growing fast and coming from different sources and formats (in PC files, relational databases, data warehouse appliances, legacy mainframe systems or Hadoop's distributed file system), but in order to be useful they must be properly managed before analysis takes place, since decisions can’t be based on bad information.

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Analytical View is using SAS Data Management solution portfolio in to order analyze, improve and control data in one platform. SAS Data Management solution portfolio covers areas like Data Access, Data Integration, Data Quality, Master Data Management, Metadata Management, Data Federation, Data Stewardship & Data Streaming. It gives you an integrated, easy-to-use solution for all facets of data management, and the data integration, data quality and data governance capabilities to support both operational applications and analytics – allowing you to create one set of rules to manage your data.

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Business Analytics

Since our data can be managed, controlled, improved and analyzed using SAS Data Management solutions we are now prepared to go to the next and most important step. To move to a fact-based decision-making culture, managing performance, establishing a framework for decision-making, and aligning strategies which is what the adaptation of business analytics brings.

SAS, the leader in analytics after 35 years of excellence, 60.000 customers and 90% of Global Fortune 500 Top 100 has the widest range of advanced analytics, fuelling evidence-based answers. Analytical View through SAS Analytics solutions enables our customers to measure what matters most today, reveal best actions, expose threats, and gain predictive insights that compel the right actions.